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hiya ATHLETES! i am here with a cool logo for the team of tbb itss pretty nice i guess i made a couple logos so i am making a poll for the peoplethis hot  thing or nice huh byeeeeeee and vote

Sports Center Update!

The truth is, I don’t really write the Sports Center Update articles, I usually find them AOL Sporting News, there in simple english. The other day, they rated the Top 25 college games this week and this was Number 1:

No. 1LSU 52, Ole Miss 3 | recap | box score

LSU has had two weeks off. Ok, the Tigers weren’t really off, but seriously, these last two game have offered zero challenge for the Tigers. This time, LSU annihilated Ole Miss, xx-xx, a week after crushing Western Kentucky, 42-9.

This one was so bad, in fact, that LSU’s offense took a knee at the goal line with five minutes left in the game

It’s been so easy you have to wonder if it will help or hurt LSU when it plays Arkansas next week. Will LSU be as sharp? Will it be too relaxed? Or have the Tigers been breaking down film and examining Arkansas for two weeks straight now?

It can’t get here soon enough. The two play on Friday afternoon and the winner claims the SEC West crown and a ticket to Atlanta for the SEC championship game.

Read more: http://aol.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/story/2011-11-19/week-12-college-football-top-25-roundup?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl4%7Csec1_lnk2%7C114249#ixzz1eFhQOhC7

You can also submit YOUR Top 25 Rankings at http://aol.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/fan-poll?iadid=VALFP/ArticleLink

Later Athletes!


Super Bowl WAR!!! Nick vs TBB!

GOOD afternoon athletes The Super Bowl WAR!!! will come on this blog and one more thing one thing we need more veiwers so spread the word ok PEACE!

TBB: Hold on the only way to get more veiwers is to report something awesome!!! So this is what I’m planing. The super bowl wars!!!

TBB knights_______                          ______The Super Awesome Nick’s

#1 ________________                         #1______________________ 

#2_________________                      #2_______________________ 

#3_________________                      #3______________________ 

Ok so it’s Me vs Nick and cool,hus you too are gonna have to play but it’s not 3 people it’s at least 5 on a team first 5 are on the team so it’s a 6 vs 6 battle the team with the correct picks will be in a post on the blog, get 200 tokens, and a TV!!! Later athletes!   and Coolgirl1235!!!


Hey you guys it is I TheBenjiBang here with another battle. It is called JERSEY BATTLE!!! After this jersey battle our Reporter Nhuskers4 will be doing these. Heres this week.

  vs  So Cavs alt vs Jets alt ok so comment on who you want to win and be sure to look at next week as our new reporter will take the stage. Ok so huskers add this pic to your pic for your sig.  Alright LATERz fellow athletes

Video Game Battle winner!

Week 6 is done and now lets take a look at round 1 for the playoffs


CallofDuty: Black Opps vs NHL 12

Gears of War 3 vs Madden 12


Mlb 12 the show vs Modern Warefare 3

Ok now the winner was MW3 heres the score board

name                            Kills                         attacked by finishers            score 

WWE 12                         2                                             6                               200

MW3                              6                                              2                               600

alright not bad ok heres this weeks video game battle!




Till then i’ll see you later PS did anybody know there was a new PSP thing coming out? I didn’t.

Winter comin and entertainment

HIYA GUYS! coolgirl1235 reporting we have some leaves coming and winter coming quick in the middle of november where we live we got a couple inches of snow frost  the weirdest thing ever cause i live in chicago its crazy weather guys you never know what too do! bundle up  or take the winter clothes off where i live right now its 60 with some slight wind but who knows what will happen and just some entertainment for my fellow mates! enjoy